Somehow she didn't want to confess to him 
that she was so weary
of all those people  who'd seem to want to care about her.
He touched her cheek gently, caressingly.
Her heart was bitting so loudly that surely he could hear it.
Arms up!
He smooths your hair back
and the touch of his fingers sending waves
of awareness through her.
He was going to kiss her... that was what she wanted, wasn’t it?
So why that she feel as if she trembled
on the edge of the precipice ready to jump in an instant.
Then his lips founds hers and she stopped thinking at all.
Only feeling.
Feeling the tenderness of his kiss,
the strength of his arms around her,
the steady beat of his heart
under her hand as she turned into his arms.
There is a precipice and she was falling head over heels.
Falling in love with him.

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